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Global warming and the circular economy push companies to develop new sustainable products by combining bio-based raw materials and waste products. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases such as methane or NOx are produced as a result of industrial activity. Those products, dismissed as waste in the past but nowadays called raw materials, can be transformed into high value-added products such as materials, solvents, chemicals or food.

In this workshop on greenhouse gas capture, industrial and academic experts from different fields (air capture, storage, utilization and microalgae, among others) will join and share their different strategies and real solutions for the capture and valorization of CO2. This forum will allow giving a big picture of the problem and the different solutions found in the market nowadays.

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Plazo preinscripción
Hasta el 21 de septiembre 2022 o hasta completar aforo

Fecha y horario

22 de sep 2022

9:15 AM to 3:45 PM (CEST)


6 horas lectivas




Empresa asociada: 100€

Empresa no asociada: 150€


  • 9:50 Welcome remarks. Anabel Crespo, Technologies Manager at AIMPLAS
  • 10:00 Environmental CO2 Capture: An Unavoidable Challenge. Adolfo Benedito, Decarbonization researcher at AIMPLAS
  • 10:30 CCUS: A Key Pathway to Net Zero. Jordi Pedrola, Process Development Senior Scientist at REPSOL 
  • 11:00 Break
  • 11:30 CO2 Capturing: Process Integration of MOFs from Prototype to Scale-up. Serge Niederkorn, CEO at NOVOMOF
  • 12:00 Title to be announced. Carburos Metálicos
  • 12:30 GHG generation in WWTP. Opportunities for Reduction or Capture. Mario Ruiz, Project Manager at CETAQUA
  • 13:00 Break and virtual visit to AIMPLAS facilities
  • 14:10 Chemical Looping Processes for CO2 Capture. Iñaki Adánez, researcher at Instituto de Carboquímica (Spanish National Research Council-CSIC)
  • 14:40 Title to be announced. Nippon Gases
  • 15:10 Capturing Carbon, Creating Value. Babette Pettersen, LanzaTech
  • 15:40 Closing remarks. Sergio Sopeña, Decarbonization researcher at AIMPLAS

Convocatorias abiertas

22 de septiembre 2022
9:15 AM to 3:45 PM (CEST)




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