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Because of the relevant characteristics of these systems and the growing interest to produce new antimicrobial substances, it is relevant to compile the most common characteristics of antimicrobial polymers and the advances this field has achieved. Therefore, this chapter will deal with the general characteristics of three major groups of antimicrobial polymers; polymeric materials with intrinsic bactericidal properties, antifouling or pathogen repellent polymers, and polymeric substrates enhanced with discrete antimicrobials.

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  • Know why there is a strong demand towards antimicrobial activity and the future trends
  • Distinguish the different pathogens and which sector is more vulnerable to each of them
  • Understand the differences between the multiple mechanisms of actions and their advantages
  • Identify the industrial sector that can have most advantages in the use of antimicrobials materials
  • Recognize the principal commercial antimicrobial substances, where and when use them

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  • Medical oriented companies
  • Companies involved in the development of the following products: Ceramic materials, Solid surfaces, Varnishes and paints, Food industry active packaging), Agriculture and aquaculture, Veterinary, Coating applications


  • Presentation of the risks related to the presence of pathogens as perceived by the public and from professional. Future trends.
  • Introduction to the different typologies of pathogens such as virus, bacterias, fungi, etc.
  • Introduction to the possible mechanisms of action of antimicrobial materials, their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Presentation to the different antimicrobials compounds, pro and contra. Possible materials and sectors of applications.

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