AIMPLAS is a technology centre with 30 years of experience in the plastics industry. We provide solutions to companies throughout the value chain from R&D&I to technological services, analysis and tests, competitive intelligence and training.

AIMPLAS provides specialized technical training solutions to improve the professional qualifications of both active professionals and technicians in the plastic sector, as well as young people and the unemployed. Our offer covers official vocational training, specialization courses, symposiums and seminars.

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Plazo preinscripción
Hasta el 29 de noviembre 2020 o hasta completar aforo

Fecha y horario

Del 30 de nov 2020 al 14 de dic


20 horas lectivas




Asociados AIMPLAS: 400€

No asociados: 500€

10% discount on the second attendee from the same company
10% discount if you register three weeks before the beginning of the course
Includes documentation, coffee and lunch


  • To identify the parameters of extrusion processes
  • To highlight the need and advantages of processes control
  • To understand the influence of process parameters on the plastic material's behaviour and the quality of the final product
  • To understand the importance of screw selection in the plastic material’s melting behaviour
  • To identify the different components of blown film and cast film extrusion lines
  • To identify possible defects in the final product and know how to solve them

¿A quién va dirigido?

  • Company technical staff members interested in increase their knowledge of extrusion processes, processes control and technologies for the production of flexible semi-finished products


  • Introduction to extrusion processes and the extruder
  • Processes control
  • Film extrusion technologies (Blown film & Cast film)
  • Co-extrusion
  • Converting
  • Troubleshooting

Convocatorias abiertas

Del 30 de noviembre 2020 al 14 de diciembre 2020



  • The course will be held online and on October 30th there will be a webinar session (2 hours) to clarify concepts and resolve doubts raised by students during the course

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