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Stress-strain tests performed on universal testing machines are widely used in the mechanical characterization of plastic materials.

Stress-strain tests are directly related to the daily situations to which plastic products are subjected as they help to predict the material's response to mechanical loads. This information is essential in determining the suitability of a material for a particular application and ensuring its performance and safety under different loads.

These tests provide a large amount of information, including stress, strain, and elastic modulus data that helps to define the material's behavior in service.

Knowing how to interpret the results of these tests is essential to fully understand the mechanical properties of the plastic material.

Therefore, the reasons that make this webinar essential are, on the one hand, to know what information these tests will be able to provide us with, and, on the other hand, what this information means.


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  • To gain knowledge of the basic operation of a universal testing machine and understand the most important parameters.
  • To learn how to interpret the results of stress-strain tests carried out on a universal testing machine, both numerically and graphically.

¿A quién va dirigido?

  • Laboratory or quality personnel who regularly handle information and results of tests carried out on a universal testing machine (tensile, compressive and bending stresses, peeling, friction...)
  • Exclusively for registrations from industrial companies.


  • What is a universal testing machine?
  • Relevant parts of a universal testing machine.
  • Parameters of influence in the tests carried out in a universal testing machine.
  • Results obtained in tests carried out on a universal testing machine.
  • Interpretation of the results obtained in the universal testing machine.

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  • A webinar is an online conference that is transmitted On-line, where attendees can watch from their computer everything that the teacher is showing on the screen and listen to his explanations. Webinars are given in real time, with a specific date and time, and their main characteristic is the interactivity between the teacher and the attendees.
  • The assistant will need a computer with sound and internet connection to be able to interact with the teacher by chat.
  • The aim of the webinar is to establish an interactive way of communication where the teacher receives feedback from the attendees who are listening.

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